dealsback to the future trilogy [blu-ray]:region freeā€¦


i can confirm the price drop to 10 GBP. it shows up on the very last page before you finalize your order. total for me is also 21.51 USD.

as a side note, even though these are region free, some UK content may be encoded at 1080/50i. this means not all bluray players will handle them.

see here for more info.

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@carl669: Absolutely correct, thank you for bring up the 1080/50i. The biggest downfall of that spectrum is the lack of PS3 compatibility (and most sony players in general). In the past I haven't had any troubles with blurays from but you never know.


Got BTTF Trilogy AND Bourne collection for <$40 with shipping to AZ (Which is still less that just the BTTF trilogy in the US Amazon)


@carl669: This would be true for special features. I think that the main movie is read as 24fps, progressive.


I'm in for one, however my final price with shipping was $21.44. Maybe the exchange rate has changed? The estimated date of arrival is 9/8 - 9/13