dealsfrs free sample pack for $3.95


I do not think free means what you think it means. Free + cost of shipping is NOT free.


@fenriq: no... im pretty sure i know what it means.

in america... u pay for freedom. :D


I am giving away two dollar bills, $19.95 shipping and handling. Just leave the money under a rock in the park at the corner and wait 6 to 10 weeks for delivery.


Two thumbs enthusiastically Down on this deal - Subscribing to receive monthly shipments of overpriced corn syrup-based products endorsed by flash in the pan athletes and Lance Armstrong (what was he thinking). Unsure what is "Free" in this deal - Perhaps the headache of calling FRS to cancel next month's $20+ shipment of garbage.


@schade37: lol. i actually received my order 2 days ago.

no hassle or obligation besides the one-time payment of $3.95.

it tastes alright, it was worth it imo.


@hosesplus: in order to relate it to this deal...

Give away $25, but ask for $3.95 to be left under a rock in the park at the corner to cover the s/h. >__<