dealsbest of rock 'n' roll (50 originals from the 50s…


26. The Lion Sleeps Tonight The Tokens
27. Little Darlin' The Diamonds
28. Brand New Cadillac His Playboys & Vince Taylor
29. Stay Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs
30. Chi Chi His Blazers & John Buck
31. Sugartime Mc Guire Sisters
32. Save the Last Dance for Me The Drifters
33. Stupid Cupid Wanda Jackson
34. Apache The Shadows
35. Singing the Blues Guy Mitchell
36. Ya Ya Lee Dorsey
37. Race With the Devil Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps
38. It's Now or Never Elvis Presley
39. The Hippy Hippy Shake Chan Romero
40. Hit the Road Jack Ray Charles
41. Problems The Everly Brothers
42. I'll Be Home Pat Boone
43. Susie Darlin' Robin Luke
44. All I Have to do is Dream The Everly Brothers
45. I'm Walking Fats Domino
46. Stand By Me Ben King
47. Splish Splash Bobby Darin
48. Tweedlee Dee Frankie Vaughn
49. Little Bitty Pretty One Clyde Mc Phatter
50. At My Front Door The El Dorados


To the purists : It has been pointed out by reviewers that one song "Runaway" is a cover of the original recording. The rest seem to be the original versions. If that bothers you , ignore it and just listen to the other 49 songs. : ) Fantastic deal either way.


@ceagee: What!? No "Louie, Louie" ??? Baaad deal!

:::ducking quickly and laughing:::


If you have any MyCokeRewards points lying around, this pairs well with the $2 credit you can get from them for 25 points. Get all 50 songs for free and still have 31 cents in credit left over!


@starblind: LOL...I had already claimed this reward...Fortunately, Amazon remembers and applied it to my purchase....Good info for those who do not follow MYCOKEREWARDS...It is a great freebee...It is always good to have a few points laying around, just for cases like this...

I have calculated that Coke Points are worth about two cents each.....This makes it an even greater deal at less than fifty cents for all...


Good deal for little money. Bought the download and deleted Pat Boone's crap tunes so now it's a better deal !


As mentioned some are not the originals releases. Still all in all pretty cool!


In for one. Emailed my dad too.


@ceagee: The Runaway version sounds a bit like the version from Crime Story, which was still Del Shannon. I actually preferred that version more than the original.


The "Singing The Blues" by Guy Mitchell, #35, is absolutely a remake, not the hit version.


@magic cave: 50 originals. Don't think there's too many people clamoring to throw Richard Berry onto their iPods!


@spork7: Don't have an iPod, grew up on "Louie, Louie" (everyone KNEW the lyrics were dirty! We just couldn't understand them.), and yes, I'd have enjoyed it being on the album for download.

You did pick up on the fact that my comment was a joke, though, right?


I want one link is now dead and when you seach on Amazon, it says "not found."


@scouncil: This deal is over a month old. Most of these deals are only good for a day or two and many sell out even quicker. The person listing them should take the responsibility for removing them, but often they do not. You can try to find an old deal and some of them might in fact be available, but that would be the exception rather than the rule...