dealsseagate 3tb internal hard drive for $159.99…


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Sorry, but I'm failing to see the deal here. I've posted 3TB 7200RPM Seagate internal drives on here for well under $140. I must be missing something?


@firebirdude: Perhaps the others were 5400-5900 RPM? This one is 7200 so it does at least have that going for it. I do agree that the price seems a bit high though, even if Newegg says it's on sale. I don't hate Seagate, but I am fully aware that they've had some problems in the past. I don't think that I would go for a Seagate drive at this price.


2 year standard warranty for anyone who is asking.

This is tempting, but I just bought two 2TB hard drives last month, and I'm all out of space in my case as well as ports on my SATA controller.


@firebirdude: I don't really see the deal here either. 3TB drives are dropping and this is a decent price, but 7200 rpm doesn't make THAT much of a difference.

Good to see the drives going down in price though!

@nanovox: NAS enclosure :D . That's what I am starting to do.


@hobbitss: 1yr warranty vs 2. I like 3 yr min as indication of man's expectations.


@hackman2007: @jackofallgames42: Actually if you'll click on my name and view my deals, you'll see a couple 3TB 7200RPM Seagates I've posted well under $140...... as I said.