dealsseagate backup plus 4tb usb 3.0 desktop hard…


Thanks, missed this the other day from Amazon.


Got this the last time it was on sale. Works amazing. The only complaint, which you can easily change, is the format the drive comes in. It comes as FAT32 which restricts you to being able to transfer and store files over 4GB. Seriously? With my 4TB drive I'm gonna be storing ridiculously sized files on it.


My only complaint about this is the transfer time. I moved to a smaller 1TB HD without the DC power which allows for transferring large files quickly versus this which took an hour or so the transfer a few gigs. If you need storage though and don't need it to be portable this is for you.


@serianni: That's weird. Mine came formatted NTFS.


@agent019: If it's taking over an hour to transfer a "few gigs", something was wrong. I am transferring a large set of files at around 100 Mbps to this drive.


@agent019 I'd check to make sure you were using USB 3.0 slots. My G75VW laptop transferred at an average of 99.6MB/s during a 470GB transfer.

Great transfer speeds, relatively quiet drive, and Seagates are mostly reliable (MUCH better than WD in my 15 years of tech work).


Coupon worked for me still. I've been looking at this exact model on Amazon and I'm glad that the coupon brought it down a bit, thanks for sharing this!


What about this comment on Newegg?


Seagate states on the box it is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7. However, this drive uses 4096 byte physical and logical sector sizes (native 4k sectors) and doesn't support advanced format 512 byte sector emulation. Per this Microsoft thread, this drive type is only currently supported by Windows 8 and 2012:

It may seem to be working for you, but be careful though since you can't go complaining to Microsoft if you run into any problems like lost data using this on an OS that doesn't officially support it.


Anyone have problems with this?


@ericpost: The reason for that is that it is over the 2TB 32-bit addressable limit. You will need either a 64-bit OS or be using Windows 8 or Server 2k12(which is 64-bit, i believe). If you reformat or re-partition this drive on a 32-bit OS it will break it into 2 x 2TB drives or have be used with a GUID Partition.


The coupon code has expired. Price is now $149.99. Still a pretty good deal...


just bought one- and it wants to break it in to 2 partitions- really just want one 4TB
Running windows 8 on 64 bit box HP XW8400

any thoughts?