dealsplaystation vita 1st edition bundle + $20 target…


$369.99 - $20 gift card. NOT $349.99 + $20 gift card.


@sporadic: Why would you subtract a $20 gift card that you get for the purchase? And at no point is the price $369.99. If anything you could consider it $329.99 if considering that they give you 20 bucks.


@sporadic: Hmm.. After looking at the checkout cart closer, I can see how it might confuse some. But in the end, the total purchase price is still $349.99 and you get two items, the Vita Bundle and the $20 gift card to be used later.


The first edition bundle still doesn't seem like a good deal to me if you add up what you get. Yeah you get it a week earlier.. but still. I am gonna wait and see what happens with the Vita anyway.. they have not been selling very well in Japan.


I hope you don't want much portability in your portable gaming system.

The thing weighs 4x more than my GS2 and gets a 1/4 (or less) of the battery life under actual gaming. Just can't see a portable gaming system with 2-3 hours of battery life.


@everyone who doesn't like reading fine print but loves clicking that UP arrow:

$20 Target GiftCard with purchase of the qualifying item. Not valid on previous orders. Your order will reflect the price of the qualifying item reduced by the value of the GiftCard along with a GiftCard price reflecting the GiftCard value. If you return the qualifying item, keep the GiftCard. You will be refunded the reduced value of the qualifying item. GiftCards received with purchase are not returnable. GiftCard will be sent to the same address as your order and will ship separately. Offer expires 2/11/2012 at 11:59pm ET.

cart summary. 2 items
item subtotal:$369.99
More information about promotion discounts

your price*:$349.99


@sporadic: cart summary is 2 items. Meaning the bundle, and the gift card. Total price is $349.99 as I stated. Items received is the bundle, and the gift card, as Stated. The $369.99 subtotal is because they count the value of the gift card as part of your purchase package, but they discount $20 to make the gift card free. This doesn't mean the gift card is used for this purchase though. You are misreading the fine print.


@ardvarkboy: I agree that I wouldn't pay extra on something to receive a bit earlier. I only posted as a deal because so far this is the only site that offers the gift card with purchase, therefore making it a better deal then elsewhere. However, if you just want a Vita without a bundle, they are also offering a $20 gift card on their $249 version on the site as well.