dealsnintendo 3ds hardware console for $139.00 + freeā€¦


Pretty good deal, but if you have any problems with eyesight or you have big hands and have problems with small handheld consoles at all then get a 3DS "XL"... trust me, your eyes and/or hands will thank you in the long run!


Is this new or refurbished? That will affect my purchasing decision.
I have owned a 3DS since launch day and I love it. The games are solid and a whole bunch of new ones are coming soon that I'm looking forward to.


@abramokids: I'm pretty sure Newegg only sells refurbished stuff in a specific section of their site and it's pretty clearly marked.

Like this:


This isn't a good deal. I bought one for $140 including two games as a Christmas gift two months ago at GameStop.


OH! Awesome for you. Maybe you should all just wait until NEXT Christmas.

30 bucks off is 30 bucks off.


@hidavi: Do you have a time machine I could borrow?