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horrible website hosting i cant even see the items its so slow and im on t3


which one is the best with removeable plates?


@impelicanfly: Yes, removable or multiple plate such as the grill and waffle maker combination is the best way to go. They make using the grill quick and easy to use. We found that we used the removable plate version much more than our fixed plate one.


These are great if you like meat that has had the juices squeezed the heck out of it. Used mine once.


I have the GR72RTP72 but I don't see it on the site.

This is a great machine with adjustable temperature and removable plates. In fact any of the grills with adjustments and removable plates will be great.

I use my grill often with zero complaints.


If you are looking at the link to the removable plate page, steer clear of the 2nd one shown(GR0097P). Amazon has some impressively bad reviews.


Why was my comment from last night deleted? I just noted that one of the George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor 15 serving grills was $1200 in black but only $120 in silver and red. Might be a typo. Is there anything wrong with saying that?


@shrdlu: What did you finally buy to replace yours? Any good deals here?