dealsdyson dc25 purple upright vacuum cleaner…


:::double take::: Well, there's a relatively unfamiliar face over here!


I can't see spending $268 on a vacuum. My $99 Oreck is doing just fine!


This same vaccum was $225 on normal woot just a few days ago. If you can wait I'm sure you will see it pop back up for that price.


I thought that was woot's plan....we buy these, then change our mind because we can get them cheaper from woot, so we send them back....woot buys them in bulk from whoever.....sells them to us at woot prices.....we get the same vacuum we sent back.....right?


@rmsalt: You'd be surprised. I thought the same thing. I bought a vacuum similar to this one (DC41) the last time it was on Woot. My carpet had been vacuumed two weeks prior to its arrival by a ~$150 Bissell. OH MY GOD the amount of stuff this vacuum picked up in just my living room was insane! It nearly filled up the bin in ONE ROOM.

I am officially a convert from the cheap $100 vacuums to a more expensive one. I didn't believe it either until I literally saw it with my own eyes.