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First, pillows like this should cost about $100. Check and you'll see what I mean.

Second, the important metric that is missing is now much of this "600 fill power" down is included in the pillow? If it has 16 - 19 ounces, this will be a great pillow. Any more than that (unlikely) and it will be great if you want something to prop your head up. Any less than that and it will collapse to nothing under the weight of your head. All we need to answer this question is a photograph of the tags - the ones that cannot be removed by federal law except by the end customer. I see many photographs on the website, but the tags are not visible, which will prevent me from pressing the buy button.

Buyer beware on this one. It might be a reasonable deal ($30 is $30!), or you might be sorely disappointed...


@bione: I went on the website you posted and its all around the same prices, so I don't really know what you are talking about, and it kind of sounds like you are promoting that cuddle down website. I am going to buy this pillow it all sounds good to me so I will let you know if its good :)


@bione: You are right on. Fill power is just a measure of the amount of insulating ability of that down- which for a comforter or a sleeping bag may be an important metric, but in the case of a pillow-not really. The amount of down in the pillow is the important metric that is not mentioned. Since it's purposely ommitted this seems like a dubious deal.
"Depending on the intended application, the highest available fill power may not be necessary. A high fill power will provide more insulating ability for a given weight of down. The warmth of a down comforter depends not only on the fill power, but also on the quantity of fill. So the difference between a comforter with 550 fill power down and a comforter with 700 fill power down is that the 700 fill power down comforter will be lighter for the same warmth rating. High fill powers are most important for weight sensitive applications such as backpacking."