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We were actually asked to present the coupon this past weekend in-store. We talked our way out of it, but its the first time they asked.


I got the 30% off one in the mail, but at checkout it didn't apply to the nail polish or makeup I'd picked out, so I left empty handed. First time ever for Kohls. I've had their coupons applied to clearance stuff already marked down 90%, and this stuff was full price. The makeup may have been a promotional item, but the nail polish was straight off the shelf.


Oh, I got the loveliest plate to celebrate spring. All my dishes are one-offs, no two things match. I'm hosting a dinner party next month so this will add to the fun. I also got a bunch of other nice things for practically nothing. I did find that nail polish and the discount didn't apply on the website either, so I put it back again.


@arolnick1274: You can always use the in-store kiosk. Nobody to ask where your discount code came from then. Try the clothes on there, but order for free shipping home. In this case, since you can use 2 promo codes and there's a free shipping code right now, you don't have to. But it's always an option if you're willing to wait.