dealsion icade core arcade game controller for ipad…


The PricePlunge website mentions that it's "for your iPad or Tablet." But I wouldn't take their word for it.

Ion's own website does not mention it:

A nice review is here:

For those with an iPad (especially an older one that can take advantage of the 30-pin connector), it seems great, though.


Actually, the iCade devices all use Bluetooth to talk to your device and act like an keyboard, with specific keys sent for pressing and releasing buttons. This means it doesn't care about the 30-pin connector.

This product is mentioned at -- I've used an original iCade on my HP TouchPad, my Android tablet, and my iPad.


Worth it, just for the hacking potential. I will figure out if it works with PC out of the box, though. :-)


@unwiredben: The Original iCade does now support Android officially. I was just saying that this version has no mention. And you're right, the connection is via Bluetooth, but the 30-pin connector is for charging, if you want it. I just hope no one is disappointed if this device doesn't work with an Android tablet.