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Yes, we're all impressed they made a laser pointer that can be seen from space. Now put it up when it's on sale, not just for sale.


@jai151: It doesn't have to be "on sale" to be a "deal". You find a comparable product for a lower price then you may criticize my deal posting.



Directly viewing the dot of a the Krypton 1W laser (86 million lux) will instantly vaporize your eyeballs.



@takenforgranite: I was wondering if "directly viewing the dot" meant looking into the beam or just viewing the dot as projected on the wall. Your eyes probably won't melt if you're looking at the projected dot on the wall.


Sub-Total: $299.95
Express Shipping: $30.00
Total: $329.95

Where is $999 Coming from ?


@bsmith1: But how long will with dot be on the wall before it burns a hole through the wall?


@magiccheese: I'm guessing you didn't select the 1000mW one. The less powerful ones are cheaper.


@bsmith1: Pretty certain that viewing anything 8000x brighter than the sun is gonna smart a little bit, especially are within oh... a couple miles...

Whips out a calculator
If the sun is 93,000,000 miles away, and this is 8000x times brighter, that would be, if i have my maths right, roughly like bringing the sun to 11,625 miles away... (thinking only in terms of brightness mind you, not heat)

Consider that the moon is, on average, 233,000 miles away.

I sense there may be a problem.

Definitely not a cat toy. Unless you're playing with the annoying neighbor cat that craps in your petunias. In that case, play on.


@bsmith1: Find me one comparable that's more expensive and I'll concede the point.

~$1000 is what I'd expect to pay for something like this. That's not a deal, that's just commerce.


Well, not so true!

The intensity of light is not linear to the distance between light source and target.
In fact, it decreases in the second order of magnitude to the distance.
Whoosh! I guess the moon is safe after all then.... ;-)

A mosquitos zapper for $999 ... I think I should get one soon!
But then, do mosquitoes have eyes to burn?



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