dealsliquid ass 4-pack for $21.75


Dude, what were you actually searching for that caused you to stumble upon this deal?


Some people have too much time on their hands...


I bought this stuff off Amazon once, and I had to seal it inside TWO ziplock bags to keep the smell from leaking everywhere.

The best way to describe it is the smell that would result from pouring rotten orange juice in your butt crack and then letting it fester.


Still, it's a good deal for a product that does it's job well.
There's always that one guy in the office.
Hungover, loud and stinking every Monday, Friday and payday.
Takes two places in the parking garage.
Has never done more than a half day's work.
Goes around eating all the little snacks some folk leave out in bowls.
Can't help but leave a loud obscene comment while you're on a business call.
He doesn't like to be alone, and most folk won't go to lunch with him, so he eats take out in his cube. Which means that his wastecan is full of rotting smelly leftovers.
He keeps his job by brown nosing so bad he has ring around the collar, and
If there's anyway any thing you've said or done that could be misinterpreted or misconstrued into something nasty he did- and told it to the boss. Competition.
This is for him.
A little discreet shot on the seat and car radiator every so often,
and folk will get used to him as "that way".
Don't forget to wear gloves.


Now I've seen everything :) I too wonder what was searched to result in finding this product......A 4 pack! I don't think I've got that many enemies.....
I remember once in chemistry as a prank the teacher opened up something that instantly made the room smell like rotten eggs! I thought to myself as a gag it would be funny to have something like that, guess someone beat me to the punch.....


@ryanwb: A good friend of mine told me about this stuff last night. They used it on another friend's irritating neighbor. They squirted a little under his door at 3 a.m.. About 30 min later, they're opening windows and cursing. I might have to get some to use on my sister's neighbor.