dealsstar wars: the complete saga blu-ray for $39.99…


@damnitall: I'm sorry, you're correct. I was looking at just the trilogies.


@damnitall: But it's still $140 for the set and the Blu-Ray player from Best Buy.

Sure, it's a deal if you want a crappy Panasonic Blu-Ray player, but I certainly don't.

You can get the Box Set from Amazon for $79, then take the rest of your money and pay someone to punch you in the face. It would be more pleasant than giving Best Buy any of my money.


Where can you get it for $39.99? You're probably thinking of the first or second trilogy, the upcoming full set of 6 is 79 on Amazon...


No deal. You can get the same price at Amazon without having to purchase the Blu-Ray player