dealsbottle opener ring for $0.44 + free shipping


From the Amazon comments, it's larger than a 10 and one person estimates that it's a 15. So a guy's index finger or thumb ring.


It's going to cost you the same price as one stamp. I don't care what size it is. Just put it on your key ring. Nice deal.


@rnschmitz: Key ring + bottle opener... something seems off with this.


I got one of these from another site that sells different sizes. See those nice square edges? They dig into your finger really bad if you open a bottle with it.


@mfalco: so the net result is you save your teeth but loose a finger. ;)


This ring turned into a $900 bill from the emergency room for me. It broke the top of the bottle, which sliced up my hand. I wouldn't recommend using this.


@shamusaurus: Sounds like operator error,had you been drinking?


One ring to open them all...


I ordered one of these a few weeks ago. It arrived over the weekend after getting caught up in the post office and making me sign a slip for it and all. Once I opened it, I found that it was massive - my middle finger and thumb are about a size 10-11, and it slides right off. Maybe I can fit it on my big toe and do party tricks to open people's beers....oh well, it was only a few cents.


Shipping Time: "Standard (17-28 business days)"

just wanted to give a head's up. still a great deal. but it's going to be one of those "oh yeah, i forgot about this" purchases.


Bad Idea Jeans. Don't even waste the .44.


Does this come with a Guy Fieri mask or is it an add-on at checkout?

Edit: It's now 45 cents. Think I'll wait on pulling the trigger and set a price alert.


I ordered 3. One was severely cracked down the side. The metal is cheap & will indent on the pressure points where contact is made when opening bottles. This is very bad if you plan on wearing it... which is also unlikely unless you have very large hands. So for what ends up being a keychain bottle opener, it's pretty crappy. Not even worth pennies on the dollar.


I used to wear one of these. I don't know if it's the same manufacturer. It had fit on my middle finger without much problem, though I have no idea what size. I had run into a few times when I had broken off a sliver of glass from the lip of the bottle, but most of the time it wasn't a problem. After getting the mechanics of opening a bottle with a ring down, I've since stopped wearing it, and use a tungsten carbide ring. Normal looking, comfort fit tungsten carbide ring, that doesn't make me look like an alcoholic. Benefit to tungsten carbide, is that it doesn't scratch easily, which these steel opener rings will.


I bought one of these to compare it with just using a regular ring. It works ok, but kind of cuts into the top side of your finger when opening. I prefer using my regular tungsten ring. More confortable, and then I'm not having to wear an extra ring just to open bottles.


Just got a Shipping confirmation from amazon, No tracking number and;

"Your estimated delivery date is:
Friday, November 15, 2013 -
Wednesday, December 4, 2013"

Thanks again OP. I'll post back when it comes in,