dealsjamaica vacation: flight + 3 nights @ all…


Please no more travel deals Woot, they aren't real deals for the vast majority.


@wisenekt: Travelzoo usually has pretty good deals imo. May I ask why you feel they are not? Not flaming, just curious as I happen to love the site and was wondering if you had found better deals elsewhere. If so, share! :)


Does Woot post travel offers as a scapegoat for downvotes to protect the other offers?


3 nights is not a vacation. just saying.


@kerowyn: Travelzoo tends to be an ad-plagued dungeon of forcing-you-to-search-on-other-sites-through-them-so-they-get-commissions... uhhhh... -itude.

Nine times out of ten, the travel deals posted here have been thinly veiled timeshare scams, very restrictive on location (Fly to Honolulu for $49!* *Only if departing from Oahu. From LA, $1,099. DC, $35,983), or ad-plagued dungeons of see-above.

This one seems to be another of the third category with some of the first mixed in. The price listed is if leaving from Ft Lauderdale. For me in DC, it was about double the listed... if I even had the right package, it was hard to be sure.


@jai151 You are right on the money there!

I clicked on it, and couldn't even tell where the real deal was. Also I saw several times "Airfare estimated" So this doesn't really mean much for the money its advertising...


@solo154: I was so lost trying to navigate the site I got my order mixed up in my comment. I meant to say third with some of the second, didn't see any timeshare stuff there but plenty of misleading rates, including one listed with New York in the search box under but the rate was from Florida.


@jai151: I got a Bahamas all inclusive deal from them and it was fine as well as several local deals. Yeah, I had to fly to Ft. Lauderdale to make it worth it, but it was still a good deal. 400 bucks for a 3 day thing, and an extra 200 for my additional airfare from LA. No timeshare talks were even mentioned.

The whole point of their site is so you don't have to search for vacation deals yourself. I don't think they are particularly deceptive about restrictions or anything. It seems a little harsh to call it a dungeon.


I swear to goodness...if there is ever a vacation deal that y'all don't vote down into oblivion, I'm going to have to jump on it because it'll be a deal for real!!!