dealskellogg's cereals for $2.00


Around here, we can get cereal cheaper than that by watching the sales & newspaper coupons.
Usually, when there is a cereal coupon in the Sunday paper all the grocery stores have those cereals on sale and between the sale prices and coupons (especially if the coupons are doubled), cereal can be just over $1 a box. That's when we stock up. We have everybody that doesn't use them, save their coupons for us and we stock up so we rarely have to buy cereal at regular price.


FYI, these are the small box. I usually get the larger 21.7oz at Target for $2.99 and if I use the Target coupon and a manufacturer coupon (Target allows you to use one of each per item), it is about $2.25.


@eviloverlord333: Geez, I didn't even notice that, but you're right. One of those small boxes barely gets us through 1 breakfast and sometimes cereal is an afternoon or evening snack too.