dealsthe hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy dvd for $13…


If you want the real HHGTTG experience you'll want to listen to the original BBC radio play or read the books.


@durkzilla: Obviously! :-) But at least those and this BBC TV adaptation were done by Mr. Adams.


As good as it gets, thanks


If you've got Prime or go over $25 total for the free shipping, Amazon at $11.49 currently looks like a slightly better deal.


I live in Seattle, so would have to pay $1 tax via Amazon too. That's my only gripe about Amazon taking over woot! I have to pay sales tax, which kinda ruins a lot of the deals on the regular woot! sites. ;-(


@xstevejx: I live in Portland, OR. No sales tax in Oregon. :) Also, $8.50/hr minimum wage, including waiters and other tip related positions.


um- DEAD. Price is $23 now guess it was a birthday only sale. Love that old BBC one- still have the vhs!


@beezn: Yeah, I know...I used to live in PDX too and still love it there, but the job market sucks there. I kinda like the no state income tax here too.


I used to watch this over and over and over when I was little on vhs. The new movie doesn't even COMPARE to the bbc version