dealscraftsman anvil pruner for $3.99


I'm a bit of a pruner fanatic. Always misplacing them. Like to keep a pair in my garden tools carry along basket and also a spare in the shed and another in the garage and one for the little garden cart storage box and ....

I get different shape and sizes for different jobs too.

This is a great price !


Anvil pruner? In for one. I know a roadrunner that'll be VERY happy to have this! I can't wait to see him prune that Anvil right out of the coyote's hands. Boy is HE going to be surprised!


That's a smoking deal. Thanks, I bought two.


@gallogj: My anvils haven't grown much yet, I figure its not the right season. I may need to trim them later in the summer?


@amdigitaltechnologies: This tool makes anvil pruning much easier, of course. There is a technique to it, but after a few tries with a pair of these you should be able to prune your anvils like a pro!


Just today I was trimming my ornamentals thinking this anvil pruner is the dullest tool in the shed. I wish they were on sale.

I should have wished for a million dollars. Here they are, on sale, and free pickup at my local Sears. Never mind their checkout routine is user hostle, I prevailed and finally got my order in.

I ordered two because I know my wife will leave one out in the yard to get rusty.


Looks like I missed it. I clicked through and it was "save $5.00, now $9.99." :(


People PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANVIL PRUNERS! I am a horticulturalist and anvil pruners are not good for your hands nor are they good for the plant/shrub you are pruning. You want to purchase pruners with bypass cutting blades not anvil style. Anvil crushes the stem against the flat metal base of the pruners and takes much more force from your hand to make the cut. Bypass cutting pruners snips the branch cleanly using less force from your hand.

Here is a link to all the bypass pruners on Sears website. Do your plants a favor and prune them properly!



@btalarczyk I'm calling BS. You can lead a horse to water...but you can't lead a whore to culture.