dealspacific drums dw x7 shell pack, maple, silver to…


$135.99 cheaper on ebay (brand new with free shipping)


@jseureau: I will discount $150 off the price. Thanks for the update.


$784.99 is the final price on this item, including shipping & tax.


Thanks @jseureau,

Hey have you purchased anything lately, let me know if you do ok! I'll take care of you.

Christina H.


@onecco: yeah I just bought an elliptical from woot the other night, other than that I'm trying to save the $$$ your site has good deals I would love to get that Les Paul but I just don't the money right now and that drum set is really nice but I'm pretty sure I have to many instruments already lol I keep looking @ your site to make sure it's still there.


@jseureau: Wow.

Hey that's the one you wanted to submit an offer on right?
Tell you what, send me your offer; I'll see what I can do ;)

Here's the direct link to the Les Paul listing:

Christina Hernandez


@onecco: Yeah unless you guys will take like $150 bucks for it than I’m out lol, I really wish I could buy it but I'm not in a position right now to spend that kind of money, It's a really nice guitar though I’m sure someone will buy it at that price. Do you guys have an eBay account? You could probably get a ton of traffic on your website through eBay or even try a sponsored deal through deals.woot that could do big things for Onecco because you have a cool website