deals50% off select pre-owned games at gamestop


It looks like this is only for purchases made online. I tried reserving an item for in-store pickup and I was given the regular price


@mpksabres: It could be. I don't recall it specifying either way


Also check your stores. I was picking up a game today and saw a 50% off bin there as well. Not the biggest selection there but it was decent.


For PS3, it's crap. To get the price you have to buy online, but all 77 games listed are also not available online.


None of the 3 games I am interested in are available >:-(


The prices are all the same in store. However, this promotion has also been going on since the 8th or so. Online is certainly cleared out, and so your best chance at most of these titles is going to be using the store inventory search on the website and hoping that you can find something at a local store. (and that the count is accurate)


If the qualifying game is available in store, it should automatically deduct when it's scanned. I was able to pick up Dragon Age: Origins for $5.


PS3 games available: Madden 09, Resistance 2 and Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (Game Only). I tried to pickup at store some game and they didn't offer discounted prices.

I'm looking forward to the day this company goes out of business to be honest.


I went to a gamestop in my area and the discounted price shows up when you check out in the store. Unfortunately you need to know what games you are looking for before you go because not all of their discounted games were in the 50% off bin


There should be a flyer in the store that has all of the games listed on the back of it that are marked off for this sale. It should be taken off right at the register unless they restickered all the games that were on sale. I would know since I work at one.


Definitely some decent games at a very nice price... Just nothing available. Drats.


Misleading photo of Soul Sacrifice got me excited and then I remembered it's not even out until the 30th.


Their website SUCKS. It's not allowing me to make a purchase because it says my 'billing info doesn't match the info on file with financial institution'. That's a load. I just logged on to my bank to check, and everything is entered verbatim... site still tells me billing info doesn't match.

This feels like those Walmart survey's where you can win a $1000 shopping card... you waste 15 minutes of your life answering questions, then when you hit SUBMIT, it comes back saying 'ERROR - Please Try Again Later'.

PLEASE, I'm not naive enough to think that you DIDN'T get my answers... or to believe that your survey site conveniently & inexplicably crashed RIGHT when I submitted it. (I know this Gamestop deal isn't a scam like Walmart surveys, but it's the vibe I get from this)


Gamestop should burn. I've personally witnessed and have heard horror stories of their management. Support your favorite game developers by buying new copies. Unless its EA, then buy all the used EA games you want.


@killifish: Beat me to it... Actually 74 of 77 PS3 games aren't available online. If only I wanted Madden 2009 or Guitar Hero: Aerosmith.


Nothing but junk titles... the only reason they dropped the price to begin with. Who would want to play Madden 09, in 2013? Replay value only goes so far...


I hit the ones near me last night looking for a couple choice titles and found most of them, the Wii games are especially cheap if you've got kids.
Here are some standouts for this sale in my opinion..

Boom Blox
The Conduit
Prince of Persia Rival Swords
de Blob
Marble Saga Kororinpa
Bust a Move Bash
Alien Syndrome
Sam and Max
Domonio Rally

El Shaddai
Battle Fantasia
Akai Katana

As always, YMMV on getting cases and manuals so I'd call ahead if you're so inclined.


@ricka182: I disagree, I just bought Madden 09 and Madden 10 on PS3 for 83 cents each. I don't mind having these older sports titles even though I own the newer ones, I just don't want to pay a lot for them. Plus they add some trophies to my account.


The PS3 list is pretty weak. Like 3/4 of the games are ancient sports titles.


@segafanalways: Well, that's one person. I'm not a big gamer, and don't keep active profiles with trophies and all that stuff. But regardless, it's still a pretty weak "deal" IMO... But hey, if it works for you, enjoy.


1 out of 77 PS3 titles available. Seems a little sketchy to me.


No PS VITA or Wii U games.....BOOOOO!!