deals15% off at kohls


There is no promo code on your pictured coupon. At least not one I could see and as I do not look at Kohl's coupons much I searched for the promo code online. It is POWERSHOP
Good until November 7th for all customers.


I'll see your 15% and raise you an additional 5%!
(Use discount code EXTRA20 for an additional 20% off, expiring Jan 19)


Kohl's advertises the same 15% discount every two weeks.


Wait until the 10th and get 30% off with HOLIDAYGIFT promo code (valid 10th-17th). I got the actual coupon in the mail which I will be taking to the store to also get my $10 kohls cash for every $50 I spend.


@zonjai: That is an in-store only coupon. They scan the barcode.