deals$2 sale at selected magazines $2…


misleading - $2 Sale at is the headline, but the actual deal is $2 or less PER ISSUE. Rolling Stone is $20/year; Cooking Light is $18/year, etc.. Major fail, considering the other offers that regularly pop up for these mags at $4/$5/$6 per year.


Only $14.97 for Maxim.... Bonus points for cajones.

vote-for17vote-against is pants. Auto renew without warning. Hot garbage. Total bastages. F. F-. No F+ is more insulting. F+


Wow - I was going to come here and say "why all the downvotes if it's mag subscriptions for $2" then I read the comments. Ouch - what a crappy deal.


I feel like the bottom-most sponsored deal always gets downvoted, every day.


@matt5784: the sponsored deals are listed from most votes down to least.


I have to admit that I get a few of my mags from I turn off auto-renew and go through a cashback site so I get a 25% kickback. This makes a lot of their rates competitive if not better than what is usually offered from a particular magazine. Of course, they're not going to beat the 4, 5, or 6 dollar rates you can find at some other sites for some of these magazines. But a lot of those I wouldn't buy anyway so it's not really a bargain for me.


I got 3 years of Rolling Stone for my brother-in-law for $14.97 from a deal on here. This site has no deals... go to your favorite magazine's web site and you'll get the same or lower price!


I got 3 years of playboy for 9.99 from a deal on woot, can't even come close.


I normally trash them right away automatically, but I'm pretty sure the subscription cards in Rolling Stone give the same price as this 'deal'.

That "85% off" bullcrap is the same line the mags quote. As if anyone would buy every issue off the rack at $6 a pop if they were that interested in the magazine.