dealssandisk cruzer switch 32gb usb flash drive for…


This is dead. Price up to $49.99 now.


@levi4884: holy crap how did I miss this? just bought a regular old sized 32GB one on amazon, and it was like less than 2$ less than this one. I can't believe they can make them this tiny but for 32GB. I wouldn't be shocked to see a 1-2GB model, but man, that is amazing


It's USB 2.0, which means it will take well over an hour to transfer over 32 gigs worth of data to and from the drive. Last time I tried it on my USB 2.0 HP thumb drive, it took an hour and a half to transfer 29 GBs. If you're content with waiting that long, or longer for large data sets, then go for the deal. Otherwise put up a few more dollars and get the 3.0.


@levi4884: I use one of these in my car stereo. Pretty fast, incredibly tiny, and so far very reliable (have had it for about a year now). However, if you're not keeping it in one place most of the time, the size could be a detriment. I can't imagine having to look around for this tiny thing.


@75grandville: I'd also make use of a few big drives like this for my car but, the factory player in my 2011 Chevy has a ridiculously-low file limit; if I recall, it's 255 files and/or folders (maybe less). Exceed that by one, and the thumb drive isn't recognized at all.

So, a word of warning to all: before you invest in these for your car stereo, know your USB port.


@levi4884: Thanks for the Amazon link. Only thing on the tiny drives - they can be hard to get back out of some devices. Perfect to stick in a car stereo and forget, but if your USB ports on the PC are a little recessed you'll need your fingernails :(


amazon needs to scrub their site... doing a search for the model number resulted in 8 hits of the same product at different prices (and somehow 2 hits for other products). The few of these that actually have reviews are generally poorly rated


Meh. For music for my cars, it's just what the Dr. ordered. I don't do a lot of file transfers after the initial load. A handful of these and I could have my entire collection at my fingertips. Labeling these is going to be a bit of a pain, tho.

Non-CD stereo - all music is stored on thumb drives.


There are only 8 reviews for this drive on amazon, which to me isn't promising for something that isn't a recent product (released April 2012). I think I would rather spend the $3 more and get the Kingston brand with over 2100 positive reviews:


Not sure how these are reviewed, but there's another extremely tiny 32gb SanDisk Cruzer Fit on Amazon for $5 more and it's extremely well reviewed. Plus it's beyond belief tiny. Amazon Prime users get free shipping of course.


are these usb 2.0? I can't find any specs on the descriptions


An OK deal with maybe a couple bucks off from other 32GB models. Poor reviews on Amazon, USB 2.0, and Poor Performance. Save your money and go with USB 3.0.


This is a crazy good deal