dealsone month of netflix streaming & two movieā€¦


Stinks that it's for new subs only... great deal though.


@jeremytheindian: I wonder if you could use a second email/credit card to get the deal. of course make sure you cancel after you get the tickets.


Hmm the coupon is good till Aug 2nd. Anyone know when the new Arrested Development season is being released? I was planning on joining for just that month.


@gideonfrost: I've used 2 different Credit Cards and email addresses on my PS3 without a problem. I did keep netflix after the second free month though.


@samstag: I thought they're not coming out until next year.


Just make sure you can actually use the free ticket vouchers:
Go here
Enter promo code Netflix and your zip code
View theaters that accept "Hollywood movie money vouchers"


Fandango will also give you two free tickets if you sign up for a free one month trial of Netflix: (the Netflix deal should be near the top). You don't have to pay a dollar, you get the tickets quicker, and the tickets are accepted in more places.
EDIT: I think you have to copy and paste the Fandango address into a new window.

Netflix basically pays companies that get people to sign up for the trials, so that's why they're offering free movie tickets.

Yes, you can make multiple accounts using different email addresses (I have many times), but make sure to use a different payment method. There's been reports of Netflix tracking down people who have opened multiple trials and charging them $7.99 for the month.


@thejerm333: I dont see where to sign up for Netflix. New window went to that link, even searched Fandango's site for "netflix" no results..


@akount91: My bad, I should of clarified that you need to click on the "Get 2 FREE Tickets" promotion button. It doesn't mention Netflix on the Fandango page, but the TrialPay page that comes up next will have the Netflix trial on it. However, there's been reports of the Netflix trial not showing up all the time, so YMMV.


Just as a warning -- I purchased this same offer from google back in April and when I went to use the code, it said the code had already been used. It was quite a process to get a hold of google to get them to fix the issue--they never attempted to figure out what was wrong with the original code, they just refunded me my dollar. On top of which, since I had to go through the whole Netflix sign-up to figure out my code was bogus, I keep getting the "finish signing up, please" emails from netflix...about 1/week. Not a horrible experience, but certainly not a postive one either.


did this the last time it was offered. got 2 tickets to see The Avengers in 3-D, non matinee for free. didn't even use the Netflix account, cuz meh.


Does anyone know if this will work on previous customers who re-sign up? Im currently a Netflix subscriber, but my girlfriend used to be. If she signs up again for this will she get tickets?