dealslowepro ex-140 digital slr camera or camcorder…


Looks like a nice bag... too bad it's at Walmart. I wouldn't take something from them if it were free.


Looks like a great deal. And if it isn't, I'll just take it back.


in for a photographer, ya can't have too many


This will carry your D-SLR with the lens attached, but not much more. Lots of people have reviewed this bag as smaller than they expected.
Still a great deal for a Lowepro bag, but just wanted to warn you about the size in case you were trying to find a bag to hold multiple lenses and other accessories.


Lowepro makes great bags and this one looks just right for my DSLR and an extra lens for carrying around and shooting.


great deal thanks

@bzbdewd: you sir are sad, refusing a great deal for the sake of snubbing walmart. Fine! at least I got a bag


I ordered one. I'm not fond of Wally World either but when it benefits me I go for it. I'd never make a major purchase from them.