dealshitachi 29” ultrathin edgelit led tv for $199.95…


Ultrathin? at 5.31" deep, that is thin compared to a crt I suppose.


@lestera02: It's as if it was named at a time when TV's were much thicker.


Agreed. If you look at the actual screen, it is quite thin, but doesn't make any sense at all considering the control board and everything else take up another 5"!


"edge lit"? LEDs are self-illuminating, this thing better not have a backlight. It would only require that if it were LCD?


@virtual1one: That's not correct. LED TVs don't use individual LEDs to render pixels. The screen on an LED TV is the essentially the same as that on an LCD TV. The LED TV just uses LEDs to light the display, whereas an LCD generally uses cold cathodes.

LEDs can be either matrix lit or edge lit. Edge lit uses a bunch of lights around the rim, and matrix uses a grid of lights behind the display.

LEDs are thinner and use less power. They can also do truer blacks, since it's easy to toggle LEDs on/off, which can't generally happen with the lamps in LCDs. Matrix LED TVs have amazing black, because they can turn of lights directly behind the screen.


The only other place I found this in the US was at Sam's Club. I picking this up for my computer.


@ceolacanth: good idea. I bet this would be a great addition to the ol' computer. Now I have something to ponder.....


@lestera02: The spec sheet lists the depth as 2.69", maybe the 5.31" includes the (presumably) detachable base?

I've owned a nice Hitachi 42" for going on 6 years, and it's a still a great TV. I'd definitely recommend a Hitachi like this one to a friend, I especially like the idea of using this as an additional monitor.

Thanks, Woot!