dealssteam autumn sale day 3


Be careful I purchased skyrim and didn't notice until i had bought it that they charged me $40 instead of the advertised $30... i submitted a ticket and we will see how it goes.


@wezitar: Steam support usually is pretty good about this. I wouldn't worry


For anyone (like myself) that still doesn't have Saints Row 3, the full DLC is only $2.50 more if you buy the complete pack with the game versus buying the DLC for $5 separate.


Great deal for a huge mix of games:

Meridian4 Bundle. VERY much worth it! Something like 34 games for about $20. A HUGE savings, espcially if you factor in the non-sale prices of the games.


I still have games from the sale last year that haven't been played. To many good deals, not enough time.