dealsgyro aerial attack remote control helicopter for…


So how would this fare outdoors against starlings, bluejays, squirrels, and chipmunks? I'm thinking of bird feeder control.


@aojle: with features, like:
• A durable plastic exterior that can withstand a hard landing
• A built-in gyroscope for precise movement and stability
• A built-in missile launcher AND AND AND
I think you would have bird feeder problems under control! I would love to see this at work!


My friend had one, and it got hit into a wall by a ceiling fan on high speed, and it got right back up and kept flying.

The next week, he set it down gently on a 12 pack of Toilet Paper, and it refused to ever take flight again.

The two incident may be related, but it seems like the damage it can take is hit and miss.


@aojle: If it's IR (it looks like it is) then it will lose frequency as soon as you're outside on a sunny day.


@aojle: It wouldn't.

These are Infared(I/R) they do not fly well outside at all due to the sun interfering with the signal. Also ANY wind makes them un-flyable.


My Syma S107 just came in the mail from Amazon today, it was $10 less, but i don't know how they compare. I do know, however, that it's hella fun to play with and chase the dog around the living room!


If you have a ceiling fan going on low these things will get pulled into the current xD Very affected by wind.

The Syma S107 is the same class (minus the missiles) and is more durable, maneuverable, and come at a lower cost.

The missiles don't have much of an affect on other choppers. If you want choppers for dueling, go for the JXD 353!


Significantly cheaper on Amazon:

I have one of these. I love to shoot the cats with it.

* Its an RC Helicopter that shoots missiles
* Its an RC Helicopter that shoots missiles
* Its an RC Helicopter that shoots missiles

* More difficult to fly than the symas

This is the best RC Helicopter that does not shoot missiles:


@dutrowllc: Is the S109G much different than the 108? I preferred the 107 over the 108. Plus, metal frame (107) as compared to plastic (108/9).


WTF goes here, with morons chasing dogs and shooting cats w. missils? May your dog bite you and your cat pee on your pillow!


@earl wajdyk: Having owned both dogs and cats, it's far more likely to be the other way around


The controller looks like a face. A scary, evil face.


Forcing me to think about the food-variety gyro is an evil, evil thing.


@dutrowllc: If that Apache doesn't have a gyro how can it be the best? Actually in the fine print they say it does but that only says it has 3 channels while the headlines say it has 3.5 but doesn't mention the gyro, very confusing.


@zokwobblefotz and @stevec5000

I should have qualified my opinion. I have 10 of these. And I've broken a few more.

@zokwobblefotz I think the 108 used to be awesome, but I've ordered 3 recently and had to return all three. The core problem seems to be something with the electronics. There is a significant lag between doing something on a controller and a response from the helicopter.

The ones with the metal bodies aren't as good. I know, it sucks because the LOOK so much better, but the stupid toy-looking plastic ones tend to be better. Of the plastic ones, the Apache is the fastest, easiest to fly, and most durable in my experience of owning 10 of these. Of course, I could have just gotten a good Apache.

@stevec5000: The apache I linked to does have a Gyro. Thats what they mean when they say "3.5ch" its confusing, I know. If you can find a more clear listing on Amazon, order from that one. If not, just order that one and if its not with the gyro, just return it.


The text and the video say it's a Radio transmitter, but I'm seeing IR transmitters instead, can anyone confirm that this model is IR only?


It is most definitely infra-red. No radio at all.

RC, in the context of the description, means Remote Control, not Radio Control.