dealsvizio high definition sound bar for $54.99


Almost jumped on this but no HDMI output or sub
Great for a bedroom
Still a good deal but not what I am looking for


^Thanks for the warning i almost did the same


Snagged one recently for the same price. Then I got lucky and picked up a sub from Best Buy for $25. So for less than $100 made a great improvement on my listening pleasure :)


OK, I am very confused and embarrassed. Why should I bother with HDMI out for sound? Does it make a difference in the sound quality?


many tv's with hdmi input will output optical digital. i have a visio sound bar with optical input from teh tv- sounds great compared to the tv alone, but not as good as a real home theatre setup


If you are not an audiophile, and just want the most bang for your buck to make your TV sound great, as well as have a decent system for parties (plug in an ipod/iphone with a cord with RCA to headphone jack) get this! I bought it for $10 more recently and it works great. I recommend for the casual user.


@eeekdageek: Doesn't come with a sub, or doesn't have a sub output? I just picked one up (The VSB200 here), and it has 2 sets of RCA inputs, SPDIF optical input, and a sub out. I'm still not sold on the thing, and may take it back. I've got an old Tivoli model two I had hooked up, and it puts out better highs AND better lows than the Vizio soundbar. OTOH, I wanted a soundbar to have a remote, which the Vizio does, and my Tivoli doesn't (need to keep getting up).

Maybe once I dig my sub out and hook it up, it'll sound good enough. For now, I'm not sold yet.

Then again, I might be sold at $62, vs the $107 (after tax) I paid at WalMart.