dealssyma s107/s107g r/c helicopter for $19.97


When I put the above link into my browser, it comes up $19.97. However, when I click on the link above, it comes up $20.25 (a different seller). If this happens to you too, just click on "38 new from..." and Battery Superstore should be the first one at $19.97. Sorry about that - I tried editing It, but for some reason it just keeps re-routing to a different seller.


I got one of these from Woot earlier and it is a ton of fun! Really tough and durable too. Survived some harrowing ordeals that would have wrecked a lesser copter.


I am upvoting because the Syma's are definitely a great indoor helicopter (gyro)! However this isn't necessarily a deal, this is Amazon's everyday price for their Syma's (between $19-$22).

I currently own 2 Symas and they are definitely fun. 30min charge for 5-10 min flight time


There is no point in posting this non-deal. Woot changes the referral from yours, to their own.