deals25 free 4x6 prints @ walgreens photo center | 7…


Sweet deal. I did this yesterday. Placed my order around 8 AM, got an email at 9:15 that they were ready. Can't beat that.


I did their 8 x 10 collage earlier in the week, great deals!!


Just got a message that "FREEDEAL" cannot be applied...


Oops! Only had 24 pics in the cart. Have to have 25 to get the deal. Everything's fine now. Move along. Nothing to see here.


I usually don't comment, but you cannot pass up on this deal. You do it all from your computer, and pick them up at the store in 30 minutes. No it doesn't cost you anything, no you cannot use the code with the same e-mail, but yes you can use the code with multiple accounts. I have already created 150 of these for free to spread holiday cheer.

(no sorry, this is not pornography)


DOn't waste your time on this! Got thru everything til the last part where you can't apply the coupon.