dealsfloating chinese sky lanterns for $25.00


I always get a bit nervous when somebody suggests launching "small flames" into the sky - in my neighborhood with wooden shake shingle roofs. Especially since we've had 2 fatalities here west of Denver in the last month as homeowners were overtaken by a controlled burn that got out of hand. Or maybe it's just me....

What the he!! was Groupon thinking?


@dleffert: They would be awesome from a boat or dock, but I was thinking it wouldn't be a good idea to release them over land. Then I thought there's nothing preventing me from attaching some kite string or fishing line to be able to keep them restricted to safe airspace like a helium balloon. It would be cooler if you could just give them up to the air currents, but you can enjoy them and still be responsible about it.


I agree, I think it is awesome. Looks awesome. Its FIRE! Both positive and negative. I think I am going to order them and tie trings to them so the kids can watch them fly, but have a hose ready to douse them. Two warnings, watch your fire report in your area, these will start forest fires if conditions are right. Two, you cannot send them flying within 5 miles of an airport. Other than that...enjoy reenacting the scene from Tangled.