dealsatria aero 8" tablet for $149.99


Doesn't seem that bad for all you get. Was considering an Asus Infinity Pad and saw this. Limted, but positive reviews on Amazon.

Homepage here:

One omission from the specs -- does anyone know if it supports bluetooth? Any expierences? Say, is it better than the touchpad running ICS?


I just bought one. Good specs and good reviews (6 of them all 4s and 5s) on Amazon. On Amazon they are selling for twice as much. It has a capacitive, not resistive screen, USB, 1.5GHz processor and 1GB of on board storage plus a micro sd slot. Seems like a lot of machine for $150.


@acraigl: Just heard back from the company (kudos for less than 10 hours to respond over email), that this does NOT support Bluetooth. That's a dealbreaker, for me anyway.