dealskohl's: 20% off and free shipping on $75+


Is this one of their 'Sign for _ and get a 20% off coupon' coupons?


@sumduud: Nope. Standard coupon code. Although it might be stackable if you have one of the "sign-up" codes.


I found another code online - SMS6953 - which is supposed to give 20% off and free shipping regardless of how much/little you spend. When I used it, it initially only gave me the 20% off - but following advice I'd read elsewhere, I called Kohls to complete my order and they added in the free shipping for me.

Just for reference - my total originally was $80.97
20% off that knocked off $16.19 - which brought me below the amount which normally gives everyone free shipping for purchases over $75. So of course, online it was then going to charge me $10.95 for shipping & $3.89 for tax, for a total of $79.62.

By taking the 4 minutes to call them, I got the free shipping - and my total came to $68.67

My husband will be thrilled with his three new pair of jammie pants, and I'm thrilled to have gotten the extra savings!