dealsfree** custom return address stamp at staples…


I customized a stamp to say "Please use complete sentences" which I use when correcting homework. I find it more satisfying to stamp the page, and it gets the point across, but a few of my girls like to stamp it on their arms when they find it on my desk.


@gracelit: That's a cool idea. Also create one for common mistakes like your/you're, their/they're/there, it's/its, farther/further, affect/effect, loose/lose, i.e./e.g.


Brother® 1850 Instant Stamp. Preinked: green, black, blue, or red.
"$21.99 Value... limit 1 per customer."

I'm gonna get mine in red! It'll stamp, "FAIL!" ^_^


Find it on page 13 of the ad.


Asterisks in title, but no explanation in description. I feel like the second shoe is yet to drop ;)


@tsfisch: asterisks are because you do have to pay, but you get 100% of the price back in store credit later