dealsbrother pt-90 personal "simply stylish" labeler…


I only have two brothers to label, so this wouldn't be of much use to me........


The PT2030 seems like a better deal. Historic low of under $19 at Amazon as I type this:

As far as I can tell, it has a bigger screen, a better keyboard (numbers have their own row instead of function + whatever on the PT90), is bundled with an AC adaptor and it takes the TZ series tapes, which I know are durable (we have a Brother labeler at work that takes these that we use on everything) and come in a wider range of widths than the M-series used by the PT90.

Model comparison at Brother's website:

I just bought one for my wife. :)


I bought this a year or two ago from Newegg for $9.99 w/free shipping. Works great! Use it to label all my daughters sippy straw cups that she brings to school.