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I marked this down due to the B.S. factor. Not on the price, but the product itself and the selling point of such a ridiculous before and after picture. There are probably less than 5% of people who would have that kind of success, if the pics are even real. Sad, it really is. No one is going to buy those, or any set of dumbells and make that kind of transformation without a level of dedication most Americans don't have.

Just my .02. Also, I prefer real dumbells made of iron at the gym. Going to the gym is part of the dedication, and working out at home makes it easy to skip a day. This rack of equipment around America right now, probably has more dust and clothes on them, then sweat and dedication.


@ricka182: Not everybody lives near a gym or can afford one. I've got these dumbbells and they work just as well as the ones at the gym. I know because I use both. Sometimes my gym is closed or is too crowded to get a proper workout in so I work out at home on those days. Also, when I don't feel like walking over to the gym I can break these out and get in a workout. They don't take up tons of acreage like a full set of dumbbells do also.

As for the picture, woot pulls from a select few available on the site. It was this or security jpgs. Even so, you don't really expect a fitness company to show a picture of some guy that's obviously never seen a weight over 5 pounds do you?


Upvoted because this is a great deal on a great product. Who cares if Fatty McFatterson buys these and then doesn't use them? Besides, this isn't the Shake Weight.


My sister bought these a year ago and paid full price. This is an excellent price. Compact for being in a home, easy to select a weight. The only negative she says
is that they seem bulky when you select a lower weight but other than that she loves 'em.

As for the comment about the lazy Americans. Sick of hearing about it. I have lean and mean friends and friends on the bigger size. We all hang out and all have a good time. There has never-ever been a time in all of human history where some percentage of the population was not overweight by some degree. Get over it! EVERYONE has their weaknesses. What's yours? And bigger does not equal lazy. I have a 280 lb friend who will cut wood with me all day long in the middle of winter and joke about how nice it is outside. Thanks Andy.