dealswalmart 3d blu-ray movies for $20.00


Wow! I love Blu-ray 3D and already own four of these, but this is a great price! They also have some other movies fairly cheap. The Green Hornet 3D -- I haven't seen it yet, is it worth $16.94?


If this weren't Walmart, I'd do it! Rem: Walmart=BAD idea.


I paid the extra to see Walmart in 3D and I've gotta say it wasn't really worth it. I live less than a mile away from one I can just go see it in person.


I just bought a 3D tv for $598 42 inc. My question which of these movies suck the least. I love action and real horror (S. Korean,John Carpenter,Johnny To, etc).


Woot On!


im more interested in where mark got the 3d tv so cheap!


@jeffabecker: I can't GUARANTEE it's what Mark got, but Wal-Mart is selling Vizio's E3D420VX for $598. I've been considering the same set myself recently. You can find refurbs for even less.


Hey, Guys, I bought a vizio 3D--HD 40" flat screen set with 2 pairs of glasses at Sam's for $383. I love it! So who's a good shopper?