dealsfunny electric outlet stickers for $3.50 + free…


Fun stickers!

Did you see the sale preview for Tiny Confessions? Must.Have.


Curious question: The title says $3.50 and Free Shipping, but in the text it says shipping is $4.95. Which is correct?


I might have been interested, but the annoying "register now" pop up made me realize I never want to shop from this site again...


@gmwhit: Free shipping. Sorry I typed that in!


@jimandtara901: Like I said the other day, please use a shopping email and you will be in.

Flash sale sites are sustainable new wave of retail that a lot of people are benefiting from (Gilt is over $500-million per year, Rue La La $350 millions, $100k per day after only 5 months in business).

I would like the Deals.Woot community to benefit and be a leader in retail change rather than being a laggard that react slowly.


@lll0228: And I, like many others, don't like giving out my email to unknown sites. So there you have it, I'll shop elsewhere.


@jimandtara901: It's a billion dollar a year industry and growing by leaps and bounds.

I have yet to be spammed by any of them. Just like Woot, I am a member by putting in my email, password and screen name.

Remember when people were all suspicious of mp3's, ebooks and Clouds? All that stuff is mainstream now.


@dreamyvelvet: All I'm saying is that at the very least, I should be able to view the product without registering. People like lll0228 that only pimp one site are just like Ohcheri but without the pictures of half naked women which is pointless to me. At least Ohcheri provides a woot meme and source of entertainment. lll02228 only provides an annoying headache with sub-par products.


@jimandtara901: Unlike people of your class, I don't use your kind of language to strangers. I was making an attempt at a rational conversation, and I regret that.

Reputation score: 22, never contributed a deal. Noted.


@lll0228: "People of my class" What does that even mean? Are you implying that anyone with a different view than you is of a lower class? No, I get it, you're trying to pull public favor toward you by making me out to be an uneducated plebeian. Regardless of your tactics your deal is lacking and your site is scandalous. Goodnight good sir!



1) Your language was appalling. After I attempted to explain a business model to you and provided you, together with @dreamyvelvet, another Deals.Woot high-level contributor, a resourceful way to work with flash sales. Your response was a class-less "up yours".

Your language put yourself in a class, I didn't have to. It has nothing to do with whether I agreed or disagreed with you; I did neither.

2) is not mine; I am only a customer who enjoys its service. You obviously did not go in to peek, you proclaimed that it sells "sub par" products. That's interesting, because it sells designer-ware and is targeted towards those consumers (today's sales includes Tivoli Radios, Seiko's Warhol Collection, Bison Leather's Parabellum Collections etc). Your failure at simple logic is astounding.

3) You could also quite simply research, to see all the media coverage to determine its legitimacy. No rocket science there either.


There's a lot of silliness going on in this thread. There's nothing sketchy about Fab, Gilt, the Foundary, JackThreads, MyHabit, or any of the other flash sale sites that I've seen. They have some really great and unique stuff, and usually at decent prices (though Fab does like to sell vintage stuff they find, which can be ridiculously expensive). Some of them are actually owned by well-known and respected operations (like Amazon and Thrillist).

Besides, as everyone here knows, it takes about three minutes to set up a junk email address. Heck, you can even forward it to your real one so you don't even have to sign in to check it.

If you don't want to sign up, that's fine, but there's no reason for all the hate.


@buenocabra: Thanks.

Apparently some people don't use free resources like GMail to make a shopping email for their purchases. It's really strange to me, I sometimes wonder if the complainers actually like deals; or they are just simply not resourceful to be frugal.

To add to your list, HauteLook was bought by Nordstrom for $210 millions last year and is a fully owned subsidiary. was started by Jason Goldberg, who is also the founder of Jobster and SocialMedian, a highly chronicled serial technology entrepreneur. TheFoundary is owned by Hayneedle. Rue La La sold for $350 millions last year to CMS. Etc.


Who cares about your business models and examples thereof. Yawn.
Back to the stickers, they're kinda cool. They might invite children's interest a little more than you want. But having to, right off the bat, enter info is balls. It just is. I don't know you from Jack. And honestly I'd trust Jack first. Plus, you're being kinda annoying on this thread and that REALLY makes me want to avoid you. You took the bait and failed...


@turkeymonkey: With all due respect, please feel free to completely ignore my postings.

I believe that the majority of Deals.Woot members are rational, resourceful and reasonable. Given the amount of upvotes on many of these deals, I think they have silently spoken to the disruptive crowd. These resourceful members also have the capability to quickly research new-to-them websites. For the few that didn't, I provided information regarding the sites' legitimacy since I am also a customer as well, and have benefited hugely from flash sale's convenience and extreme low cost for designer-ware.

I don't understand the use of crass language when someone's discussion points are lacking, but that's just how I was brought up. And I prefer to not engage people of that level of sophistication.


@lll0228: My opinion: I'm here just looking for good deals. When I click on a link, I want to view that deal. I don't like being forced to register before I can SEE the deal AND website. Whether the deal is good or the website itself is beyond reproach is irrelevant to me. I will not register. Ever. With any email address.

You and I have exchanged words on this before. You tend to go on & on about what great businesses flash sites are. You imply through your words/responses that I am lacking in savvy/taste/intelligence. Then you give a bunch of meaningless (to me)examples of how the business(es) carry upscale goods & are successful. Nor do I wish to be preached to.

My question about the shipping cost earlier was simple - You answered it. That's all I wanted & I thank you. Will I buy this deal? No. Nor will I register/purchase anything from these sites. Please try to understand my point of view. It's simply not 'my cup of tea'. Thanks for reading this.