dealsremington realtree camo suspenders for $12.99…


Wear these and people won't be able to see how you're keeping your pants up.


Camo should never be a fashion statement. I see people wearing Realtree out in public and they don't know how dumb they look. #peopleofwalmart


@tapoutnc: you should let them know. you probably won't get hit too many times.


@tapoutnc: I wear camo shirts, pants, and hats sometimes when I go to a store . . . especially stores like Cabelas, Gander Mountain, and so on. I even wear parts of a camo outfit sometimes when I go to Walmart, Target, Kohl's, Sears, etc. during any hunting season, or just to be comfortable! It's not a fashion statement as much as it's me trying to be invisible to the animals that frequent stores. Boo!


Suspenders still look better than wearing your underwear outside your oversized pants.