dealswoot exclusive – addt’l $30 off black box micro…


no way on the website to enter coupon code


Code does not work. Cannot enter it on site


@booshpanda and @cgrowles:

It's right here:

You have to go through the checkout process before you get to this section but it's there.

By the way, the checkout process did not work with Chrome. I had to switch to Safari. That annoys me.


I give - I've tried firefox and safari and it will not apply code -


Am I missing something? When you click on the 'compare three black boxes' link on that page, that static (non sale) comparison table shows this camera @ $99. Sounds like $99 is the 'normal' price and the $149 price is an inflated non-price. That's OK if you think this camera is worth $77, but the 'sale' would be $20 off...


This product is ok at the most! Bought this thing and noticed it didn't have a microphone for sound (which I overlook while reading the discription... I mean it sales for $149. Other product sold for way less and have sound capability)

Pos: It is somewhat discrete and the lens is as small as a pen hole.

Neg: The high resolution doesn't work so well. When set on high def, the recorded image is very "static". Like watching an old analog tv! But when set to lower resolution, the image gets better. But you cant compare it to "high def"!.

Overall... its ok! I would NOT buy another one because of the the silent recording and "fake" high def. And it not just one, I had it replace and the same thing happen.


Not a perfectly comparable product but interesting none the less: (the linked one below is much smaller but shorter battery life which could be addressed with an external power supply in some scenarios)


@bluemaple: That's not even remotely comparable. The point of this product is a hidden cam and your link points to what amounts to a cheap Go Pro. Not the same usage.


TO APPLY DISCOUNT----- You have to start the check out first. Do not select check out with Paypal. I use firefox and when I tried the Paypal checkout I couln not apply the coupon. You need to start with regular checkout and add your mailing address etc to get to the page where you add the coupon. After applying the coupon you can then continue with Paypal, or at least I was able to.


@dthstryk: I acknowledged up front the Mobius was not perfectly comparable.

But if you really want "hidden" it seems like a lot of folks might find the 2 cubic inch Mobius vs this 6 cubic inch Blackbox to be more "hidden" @ 1/3 the size.

And apparently unlike the Mobius, the Blackbox does not have a microphone.

I'm looking for compact cameras and both seemed interesting to me.