dealsdune blu-ray disc for $8.99


so are yall paying me $8.99 to take a dune blue ray?


This does not appear to be the extended edition. According to the familyvideo website, the run time on this is 120 minutes. I'm going to assume they rounded down.

The regular edition has a run time of 137 minutes. (per Amazon)
The extended edition has a run time of 314 minutes. (per Amazon)
Also per Amazon, the regular edition is available for $7.99.

I would personally recommend to not buy anything except the extended edition.


There's no 314 minute version of the movie. The "extended edition" has the 137 minute theatrical version and the 177 minute TV version on a double sided DVD.

The 177 minute version is not available on blu-ray.


Walmart $7.88 blu-ray bin + sales tax. Extended edition not available in Blu-ray but I think the scenes are included in the bonus features.


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