dealsthe hobbit: an unexpected journey se (dvd) for…


Also available in-store at Target if you're looking to get one soon and/or not have to spend $25 for free shipping.


Looking at the Amazon comments, it appears as though this does not have any extended cuts. The only versions I own of the original movies are the extended editions, and that's how I'd like to keep it. Supposedly the extended edition is due to be released sometime before Christmas 2013.


@greciandelight: Right - special edition does not equal Extended Edition, which is due late this year. In this case, SE just means a second disc with additional bonus features.


Also not blu-ray I think? Kinda high for non blu-ray in my opinion, even for a fairly recent release of a big film.

OK no extended edition for months.... in the meantime, what is the different between the three version I see in store, all blu-ray? 1 has Bilbo full face, one has Bilbo looking into the distance, 1 has Gandalf full face. What extras do you get with the ones that cost more?


@f00l: $10 for a two disc DVD with digital copy (UV) for a major movie only released to DVD a month ago is a very good price.