deals4-port usb dc in-car power adapter for $10.99


Actually, I want to hard wire the thing in, right into the dashboard.
I've got the dual port model- there's the cig lighter, near the radio, with the thing sticking out, with the plug sticking out, with the wire hanging out. Then when I park the car and I pull the wire out I have to hide the thing in the glove compartment. If I hardwire it in I can stick the thing anywhere I want. In the glove compartment, on top of the dash, or on the side ofthe console. I'm probably going to do both: one inside the glove compartment and one in the center console.


@gidgaf: As a slightly more versatile option, you could go get an aftermarket cigarettes lighter and just install one somewhere hidden, like in the center console. That way you could leave a USB adapter plugged in, and the aftermarket cigarette lighters are designed to be mounted, so you just drill a hole, wire it, and screw it in.


I would just like to find one that doesn't kick my Sansa or GPS into "I'm connected to a comPYOOOTER!" mode, rendering it useless while charging.