dealsapple ipad 2 16gb wifi + 3g verizon for $299.00


It says "FACTORY RECERTIFIED". Wouldn't this mean by Apple, or am I missing something?


It does not have to be APPLE recertified to be "A" factory recertified in many instances (interesting marketing) APPLE one would have a 1-Year Warranty. This does not. That is why I warned in the OP. I would hate for someone to be tricked.


@morriea: Ok thanks for filling me in, I didn't know that. To my easily confused self, factory recertified should mean that it was refurbed by the company that made it. Thanks again...still sounds like a pretty good deal, but I'm holding out for at least a 3rd gen. I guess if it was refurbed by the "Acme Clown Nose" factory, it would still be "factory recertified".