dealslittle big planet: game of the year (ps3) for $11…


great price...unless of course you got it for free in sony's big apology


11.99 more than I paid for mine. Great game though.


I'll bite, the kids need something to play.


Too bad I missed out on it when it was still a free download. My job is interfering with my video game time.


Don't worry i picked it up for free and still haven't even tried it


@galenanderson: the game of the year edition wasn't free. It includes the Metal Gear Solid paint guns which I really want to play. I didn't get it from "Sony's big apology" because I've been waiting for the GOTY to be cheap so I'm (finally) in for one.


Love this game, this is a steal. If you have not played it yet, and you own a PS3, you should check it out.


dead....added item to cart, and says item is stock at some stores, but I can't find any near me :( damn, this was a really good deal....might have to see if I can find last years holiday bundle with additional controller for cheap