dealssandisk sansa fuze 8gb mp3 player for $29.99…


Good discount, but when I had one, the touchscreen was terrible. It was torture to try to scroll through anything (like, oh, when trying to find a song?) I ended up just putting it on "Play All" and leaving it, because trying to do anything else was so painful. I was honestly relieved when it bricked itself after a few months, because I was justified in recycling it. For this size and pricepoint, go with the Sansa Clip+, which is much easier to use.


@thebaglady608: Exactly what she said... the older Fuze was good, this latest model is just too difficult to use. The Clip is the better alternative assuming you don't want to see pictures / watch videos.


touchscreen for mp3 players is dumb. You can't just hit next or do menu functions while driving/runnin without looking at it. Sansa should not have copied Apple on this idea..


No (stable) Rockbox. Pass.


I agree that the Fuze is a piece of s##@! I finally lost patience with it and took my chances on a Clip Zip and so far pretty satisfied. Great little MP3 player for books/music, very samll but so much easier to use.


Not a Fuze, but a Fuze+. Huge difference. I have owned both, HATED the Fuze+, unresponsive, twitchy, not user friendly. Immediately ordered 2 Fuzes (one backup), and have been happy every since.