dealsmakita 38-piece impact drill-driver bit set 37…


@onskee: Maybe not a lot for YOU but S&H is FREE and many people do not live near a Home Depot, so shipping would be additional. I, for instance, live an hour away from a brick & mortar store so free S&H is as much a deal for me as is saving a buck.


@dryboy: S&H is $6.15 on Amazon making the delivered cost $22.28, while the deal I posted has free S&H without having to purchase more to hit the $25 point.


Ok, but are the bits good?


shipping is free on amazon with prime, everyone should have prime, if you buy from amazon even once a month prime is worth the money. why don't you have prime?

Bits should be of average quality. The screw driver bits will eventually break, that's why you can buy standard bits by the dozen.

Makita makes great power tools, however I doubt they manufacture these bits themselves.

That said, these kits are kind of pointless, it's better to just buy the bits you need when you need them, you'll likely never use 3/4 of the bits in this package. The ones you do use often enough will wear out.